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Do Marijuana Topicals Make You Smell Like Weed? 

By Cheri Sicard
December 11, 2019

Dear Cheri,

Do the skincare products in your DIY Topicals Course smell like marijuana?  In other words, will I wreak of weed after applying a salve or a body butter?

It depends.  Some do, but most don't.  It also depends how much you use and what kind of topical.

Most don't though and there are things you can do to mitigate odor such as more essential oils or other ingredients with natural scents such as green tea or cacao.  Also if you make your topicals with concentrates or isolates they will also have less smell of cannabis.

I usually don't notice the weed smell in salves or body butters at all.  Sometimes you can pick it up a little bit in the massage oils, or the sex lube (which is simply infused coconut oil).

Otherwise, odor is not much of an issue.


Infused massage oils are easy to make and provide localized relief of pain, inflammation, headaches, cramps, itching, and more!

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