Cannabis Reviews: G Pen Gio Vape with Caliva Cartridges 

By  Cheri Sicard

 May 29, 2018

I heard a lot of buzz about the G Pen Gio vape before I got one.  I now understand why, as it quickly became my favorite portable vape.  Why?  For one, it's small, sleek, stylish.  So small in fact that the magician in me, for some odd reason, loves the fact that it's easy to palm (I guess once a magician always a magician).  The vape feels good in my hands, small yet solid.

Most of all, I love the G Pen Gio's ease of use and the way that it delivers a big, long, vapor filled puff each and every time.  I know this seems like it should be a given with any vape, but sadly it is not. I have declined to review the last three vapes I tested because none of them functioned all that well.  Not an issue with the G Pen.  Simple to assemble, the cartridges simply pop in and out, the G Pen Gio comes with a one-year warranty and a micro USB charger.  Each battery charge will last for roughly 100 draws.

As usual when evaluating such products, I brought it to a couple of parties to get feedback from others.  Everyone, both experienced cannabis and users and newbies, loved the G Pen and the Daydream cartridge mine came with.

If I had one complaint about the G Pen Gio and other vapes like it (such as the PAX Era), it's that you must buy the specially sized cartridges that specifically fit this vape and ONLY this vape. However, if this is the trade-off for sleek, stylish form coupled with excellent functionality, I consider that fair enough.  Especially when the cartridge is as high quality as Caliva's Daydream.

I became a fan of Caliva when I sampled their Black Jack flowers and I am happy to say the potent Daydream vape oil cartridge matches that level of quality.  Daydream's fruity flavor gives way to an upbeat, energetic creative buzz, without being jittery, perfect for times when you need to stay focused and active.

Caliva is a Northern California dispensary, but their wares are available throughout the state via the Eaze platform. Learn more about the G Pen Gio at their website.

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