Why You Need Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Cannabis 

Whether you grew it yourself or you buy from a dispensary, you can protect your investment in your cannabis stash by putting small Boveda packs in your storage jars.

These little packets work like magic and are a must for long-term cannabis storage.  Put a packet in your jar and you have turned that jar into a small humidor with automatic 2-way humidity control.  Meaning regardless of whether the climate where you live is too dry or too moist, inside your jar of marijuana, you will always have perfectly controlled humidity.  

I like to use the 62% for freshly harvested cannabis, but the 58% RH (relative humidity) packs also work well.  It's really a personal preference which you chose. The packs are available in a variety of sizes from about the size of a sugar packet -- perfect for small personal stashes -- all the way up to HUGE packets meant for storing large commercial grows.

Boveda packs are inexpensive and last a LONG time (ours from last season are still going strong).  It's almost silly NOT to invest in a few Boveda packs, even if you do nothing else when it comes to cannabis storage. 

If you grow your own or buy in larger quantities to save money, you will DEFINITELY want to get some Boveda as it will keep your cannabis fresh and perfectly cured, even after LONG TERM storage.  I recently smoked some 3 year old cannabis that was properly stored in a light proof container with Boveda, it tasted as good as it did when first cured.

If you are tired of dry crumbly weed, or if you are worried about overly moist cannabis and mold growth, these are worries of the past once Boveda enters your life.

Check out the Boveda selection at Amazon.com.

Boveda 2-way Humidity Control packs for Cannabis

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  • I totally agree with Cheri. I am 70 years young and have been useing Bovida for several years. I use the 62% packet and have never had bud rot or too dry of product. You can also rehydrate your packets by putting them in a ziplock with a damp paper towel. Great product!

  • These are fantastic and the price is great. I use the 62% as living in the dry desert southwest our rh is low. It is 30% today and that is after a 3″ snow. I accidentally over dried my last harvest and added the Boveda post cure. The cannabis is wonderful and smells like strawberry jam, so I know Boveda did help save it. I also put a packet in a jar of dried up dispensary weed we had and was amazed that it seemed to refresh it. At that point I am sure the THC had degraded quite a bit but we still got a decent smoke from it.

    My question is this: when they turn crunchy and hard in the jar is that time to toss it? I have only been using these for about three months.

    • Exactly. Crunchy and hard tells you it has lived out its usefulness. How long they last will have a lot to do with the humidity where you are and likewise how hard they have to work to keep it balanced. I have had some for years, but I live near the ocean.

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