Ardent FX: Cannabis Decarboxylator, Infuser, Baker; Review and Demo 

By Cheri Sicard
June 15, 2021

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I recently updated this article, so do scroll down the page as there is LOTS of info about the Ardent FX and several videos about it too.  Without a doubt its is my personal FAVORITE cooking gadget for cannabis, in fact this and the Ardent Nova (its precursor) are the only cannabis cooking gadgets I use. This video explains why.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am a big fan of the original Ardent Nova Decarboxylator.  This invaluable gadget perfectly decarboxylates your cannabis and also makes small batches of marijuana butter, oil, or other infusions.

My only real complaint with the Nova was its small size.  In fact, when I first talked to Ardent inventor Shanel Lindsay years ago, my first question was “When are you going to make a bigger one?”

No more!  Introducing the Nova’s big brother, the Ardent FX!

The FX does everything the Nova did and more.

With the larger size,  you can now decarboxylate up to 4 ounces of cannabis at once, and with an inside capacity of 6 cups you can infuse a quart or more of butter, oil, etc. at a time (anything except alcohol).  Just like the Nova, it is all odor-free (at least until you open the lid, then of course there is a little).

But size is not all that Ardent improved upon.  The Ardent FX was in development for a long time and it shows.

The Nova had one setting, not so the FX.  There are now two different decarboxylation settings, one optimized for THC, the other for CBD, which is great news for those cooking with high CBD strains.

There is also a separate infusion setting that runs at a lower temperature.

A Cannabis Easy Bake Oven for Travel or Dorm Room!

And of that weren’t enough, the FX also has a “bake setting.”  That’s right, you can actually bake right in the unit.  It’s sort of like a cannabis Easy Bake Oven!

I recently watch Ardent FX inventor Shanel Lindsay bake banana bread in hers.  I plan on coming up with some recipes and videos.

That said, I am not likely to use the FX for this purpose often as I see it as a bit of a novelty and my oven and stove do better jobs of it.

However, if you like edibles and live out of hotel rooms or dorm rooms or anywhere without a kitchen, you definitely need this gadget that does it all: decarb, infuse, and bake!  The FX even comes packaged in a handy take-along carrying case.

The Ardent FX is sturdy and well made.  It features a separate base that connects to the power source.  The large cylinder comes off for easy cleaning and is even dishwasher safe!

Kudos to Ardent for an outstanding job on FX, it was well worth waiting for.

Save $30 on the Ardent FX!

To save $30 off this invaluable gadget, use this link and enter the coupon code CANNACHERI at checkout!

Ardent FX and Ardent Nova coupon code

Your Questions About FX Answered PLUS Ardent Nova versus Ardent FX

After I did my original video review of the FX, several people had additional questions about it.  I address those in this video, including is it worth upgrading to the FX if you already own the original Ardent Nova.

Making Infusions in the Ardent FX

In this video I show you just how easy it is to make marijuana butter, cannabis oil, and other infusions right in the FX.

Ardent FX Buttons Explained!

A lot of readers/viewers have written in since I first reviewed the Ardent FX confused about the various buttons and how they function. It's actually a very simple gadget to use, but enough of you have asked that I thought I would explain in greater detail in this video.

Ardent FX Infusion Press Accessory for Draining and Straining

While this extra accessory for your Ardent FX is not ESSENTIAL, it does make super quick and easy, not to mention mess-free, work of draining and straining your cannabis infusions.  I show you how it works in this video, along with a lower cost alternative.

Ardent FX - Cannabis Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

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(This article was originally published April 2020.)

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    • Absolutely, all kinds of infusions (anything except alcohol tincture). I have a video demo scheduled for next week, so watch this page. You can make them in the Nova as well, but the FX does more volume.

      • What jar/glass do you use to infuse with the fx? I don’t see a sleeve available that fits it? (Only nova has?)

        • The inner sleeve is not necessary in the FX (it is insulated differently than the Nova), so the inner sleeve is not necessary (although Shanel Lindsay tells me they are coming out with an optional one). So you can infuse directly in the canister. However, if you are making a smaller amount, you can optionally use a jar like you can in the Nova, any small heatproof jar will do, small canning jars, baby food jars, I have gotten yogurt in small glass jars that work well when recycled for this purpose too.

  • I was wondering if you are going to make any videos using just the Ardent FX by itself? Like butter, oil, cakes or jam, really anything lol. I know the Ardent website has released a few recipes, but I just dont know if I’m doing it correctly. I just wish you would do some video using only the FX. Pleasee!! Really need your help!
    Thank you so much for your videos!

    • What exactly do you need help with? I am happy to answer questions.

      I posted 2 more videos since the original (also on this page), one that answers some questions that came in and one that shows how to infuse. I have played around a little with baking in it and yes it works. But for me, I would rather use my stove or oven to cook with as for this purpose the FX is small. I kind of liken it to an Easy-Bake Oven for adults. It’s good to know I can cook or bake in it if I find myself on the road without a kitchen, but generally, I have a kitchen, so why?

    • Hi Linda, There’s a link to the video on how to do this in the article you just commented on. Scroll down the page a bit, you’ll see it.

  • Hi. I’ve heard complaints here and there about the build quality of the Nova–that it would crack sometimes–and that customer service was poor. Does the FX have good build quality and has anyone heard if the customer service is solid? The FX is very expensive so I want

  • Would also like to know how to get a manual for the FX.. I ordered mine from Ardent so I didn’t have to register they said they would do it for me and I haven’t received it yet

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