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What Can I Do About Sediment in my Marijuana Butter or Oil? 

Dear Cheri,

This is my first year making cannibals oil (MCT coconut oil). I strained with cheesecloth but I have a sediment in the bottle does mix when shaking. Is this just debris...chlorophyl...or trichomes?

By the way, thanks to one of your videos , I re-infused one batch of oil that was not strong enough. I was contemplating tossing it but now it’s WOW strong.

Thanks again and am looking forward to your reply/video.

Sediment is common when making cannabis infusions.  It's ugly, but it does not hurt anything, although it might add a bit more unwanted flavor of weed.

 Sediment in marijuana butter or cannabis oil is mostly tiny bits of plant material.  One of the things you can do to avoid it is to NOT finely grind the decarbed plant material before making the infusion.

To get rid of sediment, I like to use a small yogurt strainer which is far finer than most cheesecloth.  I don't see one exactly like I have (I have had it forever it looks like a small flat bottomed funnel with mesh sides) but one like in the photo below should also work.

yogurt strainer ofr removing sedimnet in marijuana butter or oil

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