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Is It Harmful to Eat Marijuana Flowers (as Opposed to Butter)? 

Dear Cheri,

Someone told me it is important to make marijuana butter, oil, or other infusions from cannabis because just eating the plant can be harmful, but then I found another article that makes capsules from ground up decarboxylated flowers. I am so confused! Which is right?

You’re not alone if you are confused. There is A LOT of inaccurate and conflicting information out there for sure, and a lot of the people holding themselves up as experts do not know what they are talking about. This is one of the biggest reasons I do these videos and why I created my online courses.

Eating the cannabis plant itself, whether decarboxylated or in its raw nonpsychoactive state, is not harmful, so that part of the information you got is far off the mark.

That said, some people do find the plant material difficult to digest, and some report mild stomach upset or distress.  These folks may find they also have trouble with other high fiber vegetables besides just cannabis.

But most people have no such issues.

If you have tried eating or cooking with straight flowers minus the infusion and are happy with the results, you’re fine.  Otherwise, you will likely have better luck with an infusion. But eating the plant, in and of itself, is not harmful.

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  • Good morning Cheri

    I have some thc-a or dimonds as some people call it, and would like to do some baking with it. I really don’t want to mess this up, is the process already decarbed because of the way it’s made ? Or should I decarb it like I do with everything else ?? Have been cooking for a couple of years and following you for same. Please let me know. Thank you Tim

    • I am not sure what “diamonds” are, but if you want psychoactive potency then yes you would need to decarb THC-A which will into turn it into THC. Now if you are going to cook or bake with it, some of it will decarb in the process of cooking, but for max potency, I would decarb.

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